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If you live in Phuket then a Phuket law firm law in Thailand will always be needed. Many people tend to retire in Phuket and with this there is always a need for certain types of services. You would need a law firm if you want to extend your Thai visa for immigration. These laws have become more difficult over the years and you should always take note of the changing rules or how they are implemented.

There have been an increase in visa applications in Phuket. you can apply for an Australian visa as well as a UK visa for your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend. Property is also important and property investment has always been a booming trade in Phuket as the market values have been very good to investors over the years.

The property lawyers at GAM Legal Alliance when it comes to Phuket is one of the better known expatriate law firms in Thailand. If you are in need of a property attorney while buying property in Thailand then speak to those at GAM Legal Alliance for property advice.

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If you need more information on Thai law then call today with the numbers listed below. Family law as well as UK immigration pages have more information on visiting the UK and the UK spouse visa as well as the UK Fiancee visa for a Thai national. There is also more information on the Australian visa for a Thai as well as more information on Thai property law.

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